CHITOSAN - new product of Long Sinh co., ltd

Chitosan is an organic macromolecule substance extracted from shrimp shell, crab, squid pouch… and chitosan is applied widenly in agriculture, aquaculture, cosmetic, food, medicine…

Finding out of above preeminent benefits of chitosan along with advantage of raw material source at local. Long Sinh has great desire to create more  friendly products with environment and satisfy customer’s demand as well,  based on lot experiences in producing products for agriculture and aquaculture.

In 2012, relying on support of Global Competitiveness Facility program, Long Sinh signed on an agreement with Nha Trang university of being transfered chitosan production technology.

Today, 22/07/2013, Long Sinh officially runs chitosan production shop.

 In agriculture:

Besides stimulating activities of  protesting diseases of plants, Chitosan also stimulates plant growth and kill harmful microoganism directly  by deteriorating its cell.

With above benefits, chitosan prevents diseases caused by microoganism as: fungus, bacteria, virus… chitosan is  as botanical vacxin.

Chitosan can prevent many dangerous diseases of plants as: Pyricularia oryzae Carava (rice), Anthracnose (chili), Phakopsora sojae (tea) …

Chitosan is stimulant for crop growth as: rice, industrial plants, fruits, decorative plants….

Chitosan speeds up growing process in all different steps of plant, it also increases immune system and resistance of plants; chitosan additionally prevents and cures many diseases caused by virus, fungus…

Chitosan stimulates germination, increases resistance for seedling, improves productivity and quality of plants.

Especially, chitosan help plants fight against drought due that chitosan decreases steam through leaves. As a result, it saves cost of irrgation and protects plants in dry season.

In the time being, Long Sinh co., ltd will launch into market new biological fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer with high quality.

 In aquaculture:

There’re many researches and applications of chitosan, especially in aquaculture.

Chitosan supplements in shrimp feed, fish feed to stimulate crop growth, increases immune and living rate besides improves environment.

Chitosan additionally uses as membrane, adhesive to increase stability of shrimp feed, contributes to enhance effect of feed and decreases environment pollution caused by feed disintegration.

With great desire of supplying to farmers conveniences in aquaculture such as: decrease cost, enhance productivity, profit… Long Sinh co., ltd will develop more new effective products for customers.